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Allison Noelle Megherian 

Mindset-Life Mentor

Motivational Speaker

Meditation+Breathwork+Sound Healing Instructor



I created
"Motivating the Mindset"
services to help all types of people get out of their own way. It can come down to  organizing your thoughts, stabilizing your routines and shifting you into better energy. 
"Motivating the Mindset" was built on a foundation of living a happy and healthy lifestyle.
The tools I have created and put  together  will put you on the fast track to living the life of your dreams.

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All programs are customized to the clients needs. 


Let's unblock daily life challenges and work together to find your purpose.

All 1:1 coaching is customized to your needs

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Mindset Accelerator 


1:1 or Group

8 Week Accelerator program






Honestly, I did not really know how my life would change but I was opened to receiving Allison’s expertise.  Three months later, OMG….Has my life changed!!!  To say the least, my journey with Allison has been life altering and I am forever GRATEFUL.  For some reason I had neglected my wants, was not motivated, and did not have confidence to pursue this dream of mine.  Well, this dream is coming to fruition in least then six months’ time.  I promise you, meeting with Allison on a weekly basis has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Since Allison and I started working together I have felt a sense of tranquility that I have not felt in years, more confident in my decisions making, I’m adhering to long and short-term goals, and managing uncomfortable and hurtful change that has occurred in these last couple of months. The decisions I made most recently will be beneficial in helping me live the life I want and know that I deserve.  As Allison says, “Everyone deserves to be happy” and I whole heartily agree.

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I have taken Allison's coaching to heart. Everyday I wake up and reset my mindset. I only control what I can control and that alone has changed me for the better. She has provided me with many tools and different perspectives that benefit my lifestyle. Thank you Allison for making my life feel so important, as should everyone.


Motivating the mindset 12 week group training was an empowering experience. Each week focusing on a specific action, each action builds on the previous. What I didn't expect was to f

eel the effects of this work everywhere in my life. This group work has inspired me to continue with Allison one on one, to continue standing in my power, making changes to take care of myself so that I can take care of everything. I cannot wait to start reading some of the recommended resources. So grateful for this new journey has just begun.


After some soul searching, I decided it was time to sit and discuss the struggles of life with someone I trust. I've been blessed with Allison who has been a mentor white I participate in her Motivating the Mindset program, which has been a huge help in improving my daily life choices.

"A Motivational Reset for the Mindset"


A guide for kids to motivate and make the connection of confidence and self-awareness to become the best versions of themselves.

  • Paperback and E-book available on Amazon

  • Written for ages 10 and up- Middle School/ High School Students

  • Highly recommended to Educators and anyone that deals with kids that need motivation. ​​​

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1% More: The Hidden Force to Creating Extraordinary Results in Life & Business!

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