NYS Teacher, NYS Educational Leader, Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and Breath Work Teacher


Bachelor of Science - Music Vocal-Performance (2010)

Master of Science - Music Education (2011)

Master of Science - Educational Leadership (2016)


"A Motivational Reset for the Mindset"

For middle school/High school students (2020)


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I was always viewed as a happy person. A workaholic, a goal setter. Someone who always looked like I had it together but the truth was that I was miserable.


I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable talking about the negative issues in my life and playing a victim of my circumstances. I felt that I was in a race with myself that I could never win because there was always something else I needed to do or become. 


Would I ever be a good enough singer?

Would I ever be skinny enough?

Why don't people like me? 

Do I even like myself? 

Is this really the job I’m going to do for the rest of my life?


My journey to find my purpose and find eternal happiness has been such an eye opening experience. 


Now that I have hit a point in my life where I am truly physically and mentally aligned, it’s harder to talk about myself in a positive light. Am I too confident? Do people like the “new” me? Am I really this person or am I just full of crap?

I didn’t just wake up one morning as a bright ball of sunshine and beaming light of positivity.

It all started with a conscious decision to change my mindset and put in the work towards achieving my goals to ultimately live a life worth living.

By simply becoming more aware and paying attention to where I focused my energy, I eventually took back my power from anyone and anything in my life that diminished my own sense of self-worth.


Through this shift in energy focus and mental awareness, I started to notice a strength within myself I never knew existed. Changing my mindset allowed me to form healthier lifestyle habits which enhanced my physical health and endurance.  While fitness and health is an essential part of my everyday life, it took years to establish a routine that truly worked for my body. Separately, I realized that I was living with false subconscious beliefs and limitations. Once I removed these false limiting beliefs for myself, I came to understand that I can be and will be the person I want to be. Whoever said you cannot have it all, LIED!


For years, I educated myself extensively on becoming mindful and continue to put in the research every day so that I can help others achieve their own personal life goals. I have also made countless mistakes throughout my self-discovering journey. Luckily, the people who I now help find their own path in life can learn from my mistakes and take the shortcut I wish I knew about before embarking on this journey towards enlightenment. 


So now I am here to ask you; how are you feeling? 

Are you happy with your life?

If not, will you make the decision to do whatever it takes to change the parts of yourself that you feel are mediocre, at best?