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NYS Teacher, NYS Educational Leader, Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, and Breathwork

+ Sound Healing Instructor


Bachelor of Science - Music Vocal-Performance (2010)

Master of Science - Music Education (2011)

Master of Science - Educational Leadership (2016)


"A Motivational Reset for the Mindset"

For middle school/High school students (2020)

By: Allison Noelle Megherian


"1% More: The Hidden Force to creating extraordinary results in life & business" 

By: Len DeCarmine

Co-Author: Allison Noelle Megherian 

Available on Amazon



I was always viewed as a happy person. A workaholic, a goal setter. Someone who always looked like I had it together but the truth was that a part of me was miserable and it was my best kept secret. 

I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable talking about the negative issues in my life and playing a victim of my circumstances. I felt that I was in a race with myself that I could never win because there was always something else I needed to do or become. 

I felt that every time I reached a goal,I still didn't feel happy. I received two masters degrees, recorded my own music, had a full time job with great pay, and even lived on the beach! 

 I was doing everything “society” wanted me to do and felt lost all at the same time. I knew I lost my spark and I was determined to get it back.


My journey to find my purpose and find eternal happiness has been such an eye opening experience. 

I knew I needed to change things but didn't want to give up the life I was living. 

I needed BALANCE and had to break it all down for myself.

Including breaking down emotionally. 

Now that I have hit a point in my life where I am truly physically and mentally aligned, I want to share this with others. 


I didn’t just wake up one morning as a bright ball of sunshine and beaming light of positivity. But I knew it was in there  and I knew that  there  had to be healthy ways to access it.  

It all started with a conscious decision to change my mindset and put in the work towards achieving my goals to ultimately live a life worth living.

 I did the work,  I read the books, I discovered breathwork and meditation, and I gained a huge amount of knowledge in how powerful our thoughts are.

By simply becoming more aware and paying attention to where I focused my energy, I eventually took back my power from anyone and anything in my life that diminished my own sense of self-worth.


Through this shift in energy focus and mental awareness, I started to notice a strength within myself I never knew existed. Changing my mindset allowed me to form healthier lifestyle habits which enhanced my physical health and endurance.  

While fitness and health is an essential part of my everyday life, it took years to establish a routine that truly worked for my body. 

Separately, I realized that I was living with false subconscious beliefs and limitations. Once I removed these false limiting beliefs for myself, I came to understand that I can be and will be the person I want to be. I changed my inner monologue and rewired how I would speak to myself.  I changed the narrative and I changed it for ME! Now I look forward to everyday where I can help others "Motivate their Mindsets."

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